Quality and durability that is built to last.

Each Select Outdoor Kitchen is constructed with materials of high quality and  durability. King StarBoard ST, a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) product originally designed for the marine industry, provides the structure and aesthetics of the cabinet.

King StarBoard ST is notable for its high scratch resistance. Our outdoor kitchens will not rot, break, or split apart. They will not absorb water, like wood. This material is approved by the FDA for food contact and by the USDA.

King StarBoard ST is a low maintenance material. Cleaning the cabinets is simple and quick. The cabinet resists cleaning chemicals, and will withstand repeated cleanings with a powerwasher. Of course, a water hose and a scrub brush can also do the trick.

Our grilling islands have the ability to withstand the harshest of weather conditions.  In fact, our outdoor barbeque islands are perfect in any climate, neither extreme heat nor extreme cold will threaten the integrity of a Select Outdoor Kitchen.

Our material comes in eight different colors: Black, Everglade, Evergreen, Mocha Brown, White/White, Seafoam, Sanshade, and Dolphin Gray.  The color on your outdoor kitchen will not fade or wear away. UV inhibitors in the material help prevent damage from the sun.

Each cabinet is topped with a custom countertop of your choice.  The 3cm thick granite countertop is our most popular option.  Other choices include Corian, Concrete, or Butcher Block Wooden tops.

The Vesta Awards are presented by Hearth & Home magazine and were created as a recognition of vestaaccomplishment in the Hearth and Outdoor Room categories. Vesta Awards were created to recognize and honor companies for products and innovation in design and/or technology. Judging teams are made up of retailers, distributors, product designers, test lab engineers, affiliate leaders and industry experts, and are selected to be a balanced representation of different disciplines. Select Outdoors Kitchen is honored to receive this award for our Osage Island (Patent Pending).